Save on Flights to Walt Disney World

Orlando International Airport (MCO) is the tenth busiest airport in America with 60 over carriers and ranked the 30th busiest airport in the world. Two airlines in particular, jetBlue and Southwest have made MCO a mini-hub. Both jetBlue and Southwest have some of the best fares in and out of Orlando International Airport. 

Imagine That!   The monorails used at Orlando International Airport were inspired by the same technology used to power the PeopleMover attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. 

Imagine That! The monorails used at Orlando International Airport were inspired by the same technology used to power the PeopleMover attraction at Magic Kingdom Park. 

Tips for Finding Cheap Seats

No matter which airline you choose to fly, spend a little time doing some research and check back frequently. Fares have been on the rise for the past 5 years but you can still find some cheap seats on your flight to Orlando International by taking a few simple steps.


Search the Web

About 95% of bookings are made online, according to Start with the airlines’ official website because it will have more flight options at similar fares. Try websites that allow you to compare deals from multiple airlines. My favorite is Google Flights but also try Airfarewatchdog, FareCompare, and Orbitz.

If you can be flexible, try Hotwire and Priceline. Hotwire offers fixed prices while Priceline allows you to make a bid. Neither Hotwire or Priceline will disclose which airline you will be flying or if you’ll be making a stop until after you book. Before bidding on Priceline, research fares on other websites first to get an idea of what the fares cost.


Best Days to Fly

In most cases the cheapest days to fly are Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you can be flexible with your travel dates, try to shift your dates around by a day or two. Just confirm that there is availability at your Walt Disney World Resort hotel before getting locked into to a non-refundable flight. 


Split up large Groups

Many people flying into Orlando International Airport are traveling as a family. Try breaking up your family into smaller groups when shopping around. If there are only 2 cheap seats left on a flight and you search for 4 seats, the website will give everyone the higher fare. Try searching for one seat first, then add other members of your family to see what happens to the fares.


Best Time to Shop for Airfare

Fare sales can appear anytime but I recommend signing up for fare alerts with the airlines you are shopping. You can sign up for fare alerts on the airlines’ websites and customize your alert for the exact route you want to fly. Some travel websites offer fare alerts as well.

The best time to shop for airfare is Tuesday afternoon, this has been the industry standard for the past several years. Wednesday morning  is also a good time to shop.


Check for Low Fares Even After You Book

After you book your tickets, check back to see if fares have dropped for your flight. Jetblue will issue you a credit towards a future flight on the difference in fares. Other airlines might have similar programs. If you see that your flight has dropped since you booked, give the airline a call.


more ways to save money on orlando flights

What about airline credit credit cards for frequent flyer miles? jetBlue, Southwest, and British Airways have some of the best credit card programs available, each are offered through Chase Bank. You can read more my article, Tips for Earning Frequent Flier Miles to Orlando International Airport

Explore these online resources too: 

Use Google Flights to find the fares to/from Orlando! Flights searches most airlines in using the power of Google. Some airlines allow you to book a flight right through Google, others will require you to book direct on their website but it's a convenient way to search multiple airlines at once. 


Tips for Earning / Using Airline Frequent Flyer Miles

jetBlue sends offers by email several times each month regarding fare offers but there's hidden webpage created to help you search for low fares: jetBlue Best Fare Finder. As a general rule, the best fares can be found on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. You can also sign up for Fare Alerts or visit the jetBlue Deals page.

Southwest has a few ways to save on airfare. If your dates are flexible try DING, an app that alerts you to exclusive or limited time fare sales. It can be added to your smartphone or desktop computer. You can also sign up for Click & Save, an email newsletter or use the Special Offers section on the official website.

delta 1.jpg

Delta Airlines is not a low cost carrier so fare sales and promotions are limited. However, Delta has been known to offer low fares that compete with jetBlue and Southwest into Orlando on a regular basis.

Updated February, 2018 Darren Wittko