Disney World Summer Offers - Really a Savings?

On the week of March 21 the Walt Disney World Resort released a wide array of summer offers promising a deep discounts. But will you actually save money? Disney released the following offers for summer 2015: 


Where are the savings?

We're not convinced that the Summer Savings Package is a great bargain. As we discuss on our History of Walt Disney World Offers page, you can get one of these offers just about anytime of year. What really confuses us is the Preschool Offer and the Magic Together Offer. These are essentially the same as the Summer Offer but they have shorter travel windows. Also, there doesn't seem to be a difference in price between the three different offers. 

For example, let's say a family of two adults, 1 child (age 4) wants to stay one night, arriving June 18, departing June 19, and with 2-day Base Tickets. Here's what it will cost: 

Disney's All Star Music Resort (standard view)

Summer Offer Package: $731
Preschool Summer Package: $731
Magic Together Package: $731

Disney's Wilderness Lodge (woods view)

Summer Offer Package $882
Preschool Summer Package: $882
Magic Together Package: $882

We tested travel dates beyond Aug 13 for the Preschool offer and were still able to get the lower rates. The same is true for the Magic Together Offer. We believe all three offers are actually the same offer, all part of the Summer Offer with the actual travel window of June 16 through August 27.

Even though it appears to be confusing, it is possible to save money. Just don't get confused with the different travel windows, these offers are valid throughout most of the summer. Magical Vacations Travel has a few summer offers of their own with savings on rooms and tickets. In most cases, they work out better than the Summer Offer. 

We always recommend working with a travel agent who specializes in Disney. Sure you can book by yourself but your agent, who works for you free of charge, will find the best possible price for you. It's what makes them so valuable. Plus you're supporting a small business and that's a good thing.