New Tiered Tickets for Walt Disney World?

While I don't usually promote rumors here at Save At Walt Disney World, this one in particular has the ability to impact Disney travel in a significant way. It's rumored that a tiered ticket system will soon be in place for Walt DIsney World resort. Something that could be in place as soon as Sunday, February 28, 2016. 

UPDATE Feb 28, 2016: New Walt Disney World Tiered Tickets are Official

Tiered Tickets Coming to Walt Disney World?

Tiered Tickets Coming to Walt Disney World?

Why This Could Be More Than a Rumor has sent out reminders this week that based on historical data, Disney World is due to raise prices any day now. There have also been rumors of Cast Members attending training sessions last week on a new ticket media that could be introduced at the Theme Parks. In short, the timing would be right if Disney were to introduce this now. 

In the fall Disney introduced a tiered system for Walt Disney World Annual Passes. 

I personally have received three surveys from the Walt Disney World Resort following trips in August, September and December. The survey presented me with several hypothetical ticket types and asked for input on each. The hypotheticals were a based on a tiered system for different days of the week and for different rate seasons throughout the year.

What Should You Do Now? 

Very simple, don't wait to buy your tickets. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World Resort in 2016 or beyond, I would recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible. While I have no specific details on pricing or tiers, I am almost positive that ticket prices will increase, not decrease. And if Disney does roll out a new ticket type, I expect Disney will honor older tickets as they have done in the past.

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