First Look: Geyser Point Bar and Grill at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Geyser Point Bar & Grill at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort

Geyser Point Bar and Grill is a new but unremarkable restaurant at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort situated on the shores of Bay Lake. The lounge itself is a big improvement over the existing pool bar and will likely attract an evening crowd. The open air pavilion is reminiscent of a structure you’d find at a public park or a summer camp but with more comfortable furniture and a bar! There are plenty of servers are on hand but most didn't have anything to do. Disney's Wilderness Lodge isn’t fully operational at this time due to an extensive, down-to-the-studs refurbishment so crowds should pick up once construction is complete.

The nearby quick service restaurant feels like an afterthought being tucked away in the corner. It's an attempt at rustic, Pacific-Northwest cuisine offering a bison burger and a smoked salmon BLT. Neither will impress you but overall they're acceptable. There’s absolutely nothing special about the bacon cheeseburger, it’s the same frozen beef patty you can get anywhere at Walt Disney World: overcooked beyond recognition and dry. In fact, it was so dry, it wasn't edible. If Wendy’s and McDonald's can make a decent burger, why can’t Disney? The oversized waffle-fries are fresh, crispy and will certainly be a signature item here.

Service is painfully slow at Geyser Point Bar and Grill. I was the only customer at the restaurant, shortly after 12 noon. After 15 minutes I approached the counter again to ask if they forgot about me. Nope. But a Cast Member was indeed working feverishly in the kitchen. It took 22 minutes for the order to arrive at my table but the place is still new so I can understand that some things might need to be worked out. 
The open air design is only as good as the weather outside. Visit on a breezy winter day and you’ll fight to keep your plate and cup from blowing away. You can also expect cold food. It will be interesting to see if insects become a problem here - being that the pavilion has no screens. Disney has a great pest management system in place so it shouldn't be an issue. 

Prices are reasonable, entrees range between $10 and $14. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily. The lounge offers typical beverages found throughout Walt Disney World and even a few regional beers from the Pacific-Northwest.

If you’re staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Geyser Point is a good place for breakfast or an evening beverage after the theme parks, but overall it's just average for Walt Disney World. 

By Darren Wittko