Benefits of Staying Club Level at Walt Disney World

Club Level Lounge at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort | Walt Disney World

Club Level Lounge at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort | Walt Disney World

Staying Club level can actually have a lot of value even though it costs more. The added benefits are designed to save you time while offering you some VIP treatment. Perhaps the biggest benefit to staying Club Level at Walt Disney World Resort is access to the hotel lounge. But a new benefit has recently been added that allows you to purchase additional FastPass selections making a Club Level stay even more valuable. 

Club Level Instead of the Dining Plan?

If you typically purchase the Disney Dining Plan, you may wish to compare the cost of staying Club Level without it. Having access to the lounge is a terrific benefit and for many, the continental breakfast, snacks and beverages (including unlimited beer and wine) may supplement many of your meals. If you have a larger family, in particular, you can actually save money just by having access to the lounge and forgoing the Disney Dining Plan. 

Lounge Access

You can start your day with a continental breakfast, hot coffee and fresh juice. Breakfast offerings typically include pastries, yogurt, cereals, granola, bagels, oatmeal and fruit. It's a great way to get your day started and can really be a savings compared to dining at a restaurant every day. During the daytime, snacks are provided in the lounge that usually include Gold Fish crackers, cookies, candy, pretzels and beverages like beer, wine, soda and water. Evening service includes a buffet of light appetisers, usually from one of the featured restaurants at the hotel. Once again a wide array of beverages are available. For late-evening you'll find an assortment of desserts and beverages. 

Sometimes Disney will schedule private events like a wine and cheese tasting - all included with your stay. 

Additional FastPass Selections

Earlier this year I shared with you that additional FastPass selections can be made when staying Club Level. When staying Club Level you'll have the option of purchasing a FastPass Premium Option where each member of your party will get to select three additional FastPasses 90-days in advance for a total of six FastPasses per day. I anticipate this being especially valuable once Star Wars comes online over at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

The cost for the Premium FastPass Option is $50 per day/per person. 

Read more about the benefits of staying Club Level here. 

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