How much does it cost to go from Disney World to Universal Resort?
Fares will vary but usually around $20 each way.

How much does it cost to travel within Walt Disney World?
Average fares are about $8 - $16. Minnie Van is typically around $35 but it has more direct access to the Theme Parks than Uber and Lyft.

How long will I have to wait for Uber / Lyft to arrive?
Less than 10 minutes, in most cases less than 5 minutes or even immediately.

Which is better from Orlando International Airport? Ride-share or Magical Express?
Uber and Lyft are much faster but you won’t be able to participate in the luggage delivery service that comes with Disney’s Magical Express. Uber and Lyft will take you directly to your hotel whereas Disney’s Magical Express will make stops at other hotels along the way. Minnie Van is now servicing Orlando International Airport as well for about $75 each way.

Magical Express and Disney’s Minnie Van Service are good options on the return trip because they factor in your flight and assign your pick up time based on that information. Minnie Van will take a more direct route, Magical Express will stop at multiple hotels before heading to Orlando International.

Can Uber and Lyft bypass the parking booths at the Disney Theme Parks?
Yes, drivers will identify themselves and a Cast Member will direct them to the drop-off area. There is no charge to enter.

Can Uber / Lyft use Disney’s Contemporary Resort for Magic Kingdom drop-off and pick-up?
Sometimes yes, but security may redirect drivers to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC). This is likely to happen during busy times such as holidays and RunDisney weekends.

Disney prefers that drivers use the TTC as this is the official ride-share zone for Magic Kingdom Park. Of course, if you’re a guest at Bay Lake Tower or Contemporary or if you have a dining reservation at the hotel, your driver will be permitted to enter the lot.

The best way to get to Magic Kingdom is to use Minnie Van if you’re staying on property. Even though it will cost more, there’s value in the time you’ll save by not having to travel to the TTC first.

How will the driver find me in Walt Disney World?
Drivers will see your GPS location but it’s helpful to send a message with your location and a description. Communication between you and your driver is important and they appreciate short descriptions! For example, “I’m near the bell desk at Disney’s Polynesian VIllage Resort, wearing a gray Mickey Mouse shirt and blue shorts.”

When is it a good time to request my ride?
Drivers arrive pretty quick at Walt Disney World, so request your ride when you’ve arrived at your pick-up location. Magic Kingdom Park gets a little tricky though. First take the monorail or ferry to the Ticket at Transportation Center then request your ride. Or walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort and request your ride once you’re in position there. At the TTC, drivers are probably already queued in the waiting zone and will pull around almost immediately.

Are car seats available through Uber and Lyft?
Yes, with Uber you can use Uber Car Seat for an additional fee, about $10. This may increase your wait time. Lyft is still working to introduce car seats as an option in Orlando. I recommend Disney’s Minnie Van Service if you need a car seat. Minnie Vans come with 2 car seats free of charge.

Which is better, Uber, Lyft, Minnie Van?
Minnie van has access to places Uber and Lyft cannot go so it can be the fastest and most direct. It also costs more. Drivers are also Disney Cast Members who have been well trained and are very courteous. Uber and Lyft such as car seats and different types of vehicle options and can travel off property such as Universal and SeaWorld. They are less expensive than Minnie Van.


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Updated May 2019